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ITM Bachelor 6. Sem.
9672 Seminar
Arbeitswelt und Tourismus

Mo. 10:00-13.15 h

Audi II


Einführung - Customer as Employee


Within the next 10-15 years approximately half of all jobs in the tertiary sector (service industry) are forecasted to disappear.

Three drivers of this development:

Industry 4.0 - Internet of Things, Big Data, Networking

A.I. - Robots and Algorythms taken over human jobs

Customer as Employee - tasks are moved from the company to the customer


Reason: Costs are falling, quality is improving




Before:  Groups


From last week: THE TURING TEST:







Customer as Employee







GLOBAL TOURISM 2017 - Where do we come from, where are we today?


UNWTO Highlights 2016

Example Portugal: Tourism40












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